Vanzo LX Series Air Freshener


Vanzo LX Series Air Freshener

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Vanzo LX Series Air Freshener

A car air freshener is a popular automotive accessory designed to enhance the interior environment of a vehicle. These devices come in various forms, including hanging air fresheners, vent clips, and plug-in units, and offer a range of scents to suit individual preferences. Car air fresheners serve the dual purpose of masking unpleasant odors and providing a refreshing, welcoming atmosphere within the vehicle. They are an effective means of personalizing the driving experience, leaving a lasting impression on occupants and passengers by ensuring a pleasant, odor-free environment while on the road.


  • 100% Original
  • Stylish Glass bottle
  • Durable Vent Clip, soft TPE Material
  • Sfor all type of air-cond vents
  • Suitable for home and office used too


  • Brand: Vanzo
  • Volume: 65ml
  • Type: Gel
  • Material: ABS, Glass


  • Secret Musk (1616)
    Fresh sea breeze, light floral fragrance blended by an exclusive formula.
  • Velvet Musk (1717)
    The soft musk that is popular among the general public.
  • English Pears & Freesia (1818)
    Fresh and sweet pears wrapped in a faint fragrance of freesia, softening the whole fragrance.

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